You don’t want to know any of this. That’s why I’ve devoted an entire category to it.

You want to know what the buttons do and which ones to push. You don’t need to know how they’re wired to the computer core.

I’ve used and tried a lot of software, and I’m still always looking for the better mobile app or software platform to make my workflows smoother, my work easier and more productive. It never ends.

I’m here to sort through the pile and help you find the apps and platforms that do what you need them to do. The ones that help you be more creative with less time and effort.

I’ll tell you about the apps I use myself, and why. I’m really excited about some of them.

But mainly, I'll help you figure out which ones are right for your needs and fit your resources. I’ll explain the technical side of things in ways you can understand and apply.

That’s what The Tech Uncle is for.

So explore the category, and subscribe to The Tech Uncle Blog to get immediate updates when I publish something new. [link coming before 1/1/18]

As a thank-you bonus, I’ll immediately send you — for free — the same time-saving writing template I use for creating all my own content, with an explanation of how I use it.

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