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Every business has certain communications needs. But every business owner has a different level of comfort with things like technology, writing, sales, and public speaking, to name a few. Some you like doing, some you don’t.

As a solo and social entrepreneur myself, I still have to write my blog, engage on social media, write a newsletter, and generally work at my online marketing efforts every day just like you do.

The Difference

… is I read the manuals so you don’t have to.

I’ve read them and figured a lot out myself over the years: easy and effective ways of doing all this.

I’m a geek as well as a writer so I’m constantly looking for apps and workflows to facilitate my writing. Ways to make it possible for one person to push a lot of information consistently through a lot of channels without going crazy or spending all my time on it. That was basically my day job for more than 15 years.

In business, they call it “content marketing.”

Don’t worry what it’s called. Focus instead on a complete, holistic way of integrating your blog, social media, and original content so you can manage them sustainably. A way to spread your message over time to build your business and do even more good through your words.

That’s what I help you do.

I can provide that because I’m equally at home with both the creative and technical side of creating and publishing blogs, newsletters, videos, and other types of content. Not many content marketers can say that.

Sure, I’ve taken online courses and I still read blogs on blogging. But most of my experience comes from, well, experience.

My Goal

… now as The Tech Uncle is to support and empower social entrepreneurs like myself who want to make a positive difference in the world through their business. People who Ryan Eliason calls “changemakers.”

And who want to make a positive impact through words as well as deeds.

And so you embark upon the journey of blogging, tweeting, sharing, live streaming. Putting your message of hope or healing out into the world, where it can do some real good.

Dream, create, connect, empower, change.

That sequence is not just the path to personal growth. It’s also the path of content marketing.

My Services | The Tech UncleMy Services

• Free, Useful Information: Blog, Newsletters, Guides

This is the essence of content marketing: Providing free, useful, timely, and relevant information to your intended audience.

I’ll be blogging a lot more in 2018, sharing what I do — and how and why I do it. That way you can become ever more independent with writing and publishing for your business.

If you’re not writing for business but still want to make a difference with words as well as deeds, this blog is for you too.

Join my email list [The Tech Uncle Blog LINK TK] and I’ll send you exclusive content along with blog updates, product discounts, and other exciting things I come up with this year.

And as a bonus, I’ll send you (for free) a link to download the exact template I use when writing for my blog and social media, including instructions in the template and via email on how to use it effectively.

• Customized Service Packages: Creating, Consulting, Training

Like I said at the beginning, everybody’s different, and that’s why our work together begins with a free, one-hour consultation just to see what’s up: what you hope to accomplish, what obstacles you face, where you’re at in general.

It’s also why I customize my service packages based on three core elements: creating, consulting, and training. I teach you how to fish, but I give you a few fish to eat now.

I offer two package tiers, with fixed prices based on providing you value, not working by the hour. That way you don’t have to worry about extra costs and I can be most effective.

The packages answer, in order, the two overarching challenges that anyone faces in writing and publishing (in fact, in any business):

1) “How do I get started?” And 2) “How do I keep going?”

The Tech Uncle - Digital Starter KitThe Digital Starter Kit is my low-cost introductory package to get you started. The first obstacle that most people face in online/content marketing is simply figuring out what platforms and plugins they need. Then getting it all working together to actually do something. There are countless options out there, some worth the money and some not.

I help you sort through it all. We figure out what you really need and get it set up so you can start creating and sharing. I’ve done much of the comparison shopping already, and I’ll give you options for the rest.

Learn more about the Digital Starter Kit.

Content Strategy packages pick up where the Digital Starter Kit ends. You have the pipelines; now we start filling them with content.

Because the second big obstacle after you get started is to keep going.

So we craft and implement a workflow that fits your goals, budget, time, and comfort level — in short, one that’s workable so you can keep doing it.

That includes the cornerstone of any good content plan — an editorial calendar — along with social media, email marketing, and whatever else is necessary.

If you’re ready to take your game to a higher level, please learn about my Content Strategy packages.

Finally, if you have something else in mind, then please contact me and we can work out a customized package.

Randy Lyman - The Tech UncleRequest your free, one-hour consultation to get started.

• Publications and Courses

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