My Service & Philosophy

I read the manuals so you don't have to.

They say God helps those who help themselves. I help those who help others — and those just beginning their journey into independent business:

  • Solopreneurs and small businesses getting started setting up their online presence — or taking a fresh look at it
  • Holistic practitioners, healers, life coaches, and others who heal by sharing their wisdom as well as through their practice
  • People who (like me) left stable and possibly high-paying jobs to start their own business ("50 is the new 30" — haven't you heard?)

I base my work and fees on the value I can bring to your business. That means more to me than tasks and hourly rates.

I talk with you to learn about your goals and needs. I find solutions that are right for you in terms of functionality, ease of use, and budget — not based on the latest buzzwords.

My services are structured to guide you, as you're ready, through the different aspects of content marketing:

  1. Digital Productivity. Getting your platforms and content posting workflows set up most effectively.
  2. Content Marketing. Developing and implementing your content strategy using those workflows.
  3. Webinars & Courses. Reaching and teaching a wider audience to build your reputation and income.

And ... I offer a 10% discount off my quoted prices for full payment in advance.

Digital Productivity

Let's get you connected, up and running. That's the purpose of my flat-rate Digital Productivity Package. It's about doing things right the first time.

     It's my starter package — for entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses trying to select or set up their website, email, opt-in, ecommerce, and other platforms.

     It’s also for established businesses wanting to take a fresh look at their online operations to streamline and make them easier to use than they are now.

     I’ve seen repeatedly how much time and energy people waste struggling with software that’s either too complex to use or has more features than you need — usually it’s both. Too often, website developers and consultants set you up with the most sophisticated, feature-rich platforms that have lots of great functions … that you don’t need. Or too many platforms and connections, making your workflow needlessly complicated.

     All that costs time and money you could better spend elsewhere. That’s why I don’t just evaluate features, but benefits and budgets. One client had four (4!) applications just to collect emails and basic information. I cut it down to two: a website (which the client had anyway) and an email automation platform. That alone saved her nearly $250 a year.

     My Digital Productivity Package is a flexible, quick-turnaround package of setup, training, and consultation to get your platforms connected so you can use them. At a fixed price, so you don't have to worry about escalating costs when you're just getting started.

My Digital Productivity Package is a personalized, quick-turnaround package of setup, training, and consultation. It includes services like:

• A review of your current website platforms and plugins, social media, and workflows

• Selection and setup of new platforms

• Integration of your platforms so they work together

• Phone consultation, assistance, and online training in how to use them

Digital Productivity Package: $597
Individual Training: $100/hour

Email me or click here to schedule your free 1-hour consultation.

Content Marketing

You know the saying about giving someone a fish or teaching them to fish. I can write and edit, but when it comes to producing content, I can teach you to fish as well.

     I don’t believe in filling space with words. Instead, I look at how words work together throughout all your content.

     Truth is, good content takes time and effort to create and publish, and it’s not something you do just once. A good content marketing strategy is working for you all the time, and it needs to be maintained and refreshed on a regular basis. An editorial calendar and a workflow you can actually manage given your resources are essential elements.

     I offer a range of services to help you develop content and implement a content strategy for your business or organization. I can create individual pieces, or develop a plan you can carry out yourself.

     The point is, there are a lot of ways to work a content strategy, and my goal is to find one that works for you.

My content marketing services are established on value-based project fees, not hourly rates. We develop a package to fit your needs and budget:

• Content marketing audit

• Development of your business voice, persona, and unique selling proposition (USP)

• Development of long-term content goals and strategies

• Creation of editorial calendar and workflow

• Phone consultation, online training

Email me or click here to schedule your free 1-hour consultation.

Webinar/ Course Production

As I said above — God helps those who help themselves, but I like helping those who help others: coaches, counselors, healers, holistic practitioners, or anyone with something to teach.

     You might be a life coach with a world of wisdom to share. Or an activist teaching community organizing. Or a dog groomer with better grooming tips. A physical therapist with exercises for better health and mobility. A sommelier teaching wine tasting.

     I handle the technical production of your online webinar or course so you can focus on what you know best: your subject matter, your passion. I’ll help you create a live or automated webinar, and turn your live event into an automated one so you can teach it once and let your clients (and you) continue reaping the benefits day in, day out.

     If you need help with creating your webinar or course content, I can help with that too — although this falls under my Content Marketing services and pricing. You're the subject matter expert, not me, but I can review your course or webinar structure, and provide feedback to help you improve it. Or help you with developing your materials: slideshows, handouts, polls, and so on. Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes.

My webinar/online course production services free up your time to focus on your subject matter:

• Creation and setup of 1 webinar or course (live or automated)

• Lead-up notifications (included in platform)

• Integration with your email and analytics platforms

• 1-on-1 rehearsal session

• Training on platform and workflow

Webinar Production: $697
Live Webinar Operation: $200

Webinar/Course Content:  See my Content Marketing services

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