One is creative and one is practical, but they're limited without each other.

Inspiration and productivity are both necessary for creating and sharing your original blog posts, videos, and other content.

I used to work for a newspaper whose journalism combined the best of West Coast idealism and Midwestern practicality. How to fight city hall, and where to get the best burger after the rally. Who you should vote into office, and where you can volunteer in your community.

That mindset is long since ingrained in how I see and think about the world. A decade ago I started a publishing company to produce “practical and principled” books and guides.

“Practical and principled” or “productive and inspired," this holistic mindset toward writing and publishing is still how I think.

In this category I’ll cover everything from tales to tools: stories to inspire and motivate, and the applications I use to facilitate my writing and publishing.

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Posts: Inspiration & Productivity

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