Fees & Value(s)

My project fees are based on the value I provide to you. That’s why (with a few exceptions) I don’t charge hourly rates or per diems. I sell my skills, expertise, and creativity, not my hours and days. When we work together, you should feel free to call me without worrying if you can afford the extra minutes.

I provide value to you in the following ways:

  • Establishing trust and good relationships with you and everyone I meet in your organization
  • Creating a work product of the highest quality
  • Keeping my word
  • Acting with integrity in all my dealings
  • Giving you what you want and helping you see what you need
  • Enabling you to run your organization better without me

Whether we work together once or repeatedly, my goal is to increase our value: to each other, to our industries or professions, and to the people your business or organization serves.

Payment Terms

I ask for 50% at the beginning of work and the balance upon conclusion. Our contract will describe the full scope of work so we’re both clear when it’s complete. Content Strategy packages can be paid in multiple installments.

Unless we agree and specify otherwise, all copyrights and intellectual property rights revert to you upon payment in full.