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“How do I keep going?”

That’s the next question — and challenge — after you get started.

Content Strategy packages basically pick up where the Digital Starter Kit leaves off (but it’s not a prerequisite). We’ve created the containers and pipelines for your content; now we fill them.

Hard Truth #1: There is simply no substitute for time and persistence.

But there is a wide variety of apps and workflows that can make it all manageable — indeed, possible — with the right approach.

Look, I love working hard, but I hate working harder than I have to. So I’m always looking for ways to get more done with the same (or less) effort.

Figuring out this kind of thing is a fun and creative challenge for me. But probably not for you. That’s why you’re reading this.

Your Blog is Just the Beginning

Google Search loves fresh content. That’s why a blog is the keystone of your content strategy. Websites that are updated regularly with new content are more likely to rank higher in search results.

But a blog is still just the beginning.

In my Content Strategy packages, we swim into wider and deeper waters, focusing on three areas: Creation, Promotion, and Productivity.

Not coincidentally, these are essentially what I cover in my blog categories: Blogging & Writing, Email & Social Media, and Inspiration & Productivity.

ShareWhat’s Inside the Packages

We focus on Productivity and either of the other two, or cover all three. That’s how my package pricing breaks down.

The Creation option focuses on your blog and creating original content on your website. The Promotion option focuses more on everything else: sharing that content and encouraging others to do so too, mostly not on your website.

Either way, we develop workflows and practices to make the online marketing of your business manageable within your resources — so you can keep doing it.

Here’s a sample of what we might work on:


  • Organizing your notes and writing
  • Writing effective blog posts: headline, structure, call to action, etc.
  • Finding and creating images for your posts
  • How to work (and what you can do) with video
  • Blogging an ebook


  • Scheduling social media to save you time
  • Writing and publishing newsletters
  • Creating email opt-ins and autoresponders
  • Promoting your blog posts
  • How to use live streaming and webinars


  • Making an editorial calendar to plan and stay on track
  • Writing for repurposing
  • Curating content
  • Making time for content marketing

I provide three core services in all my offerings:

  • Creation — I do some of the work for you, show you how it’s done.
  • Consulting — I help you plan, figure things out, choose the right options.
  • Training — I teach you how to use what you have.

Randy Lyman - The Tech Uncle

How We Get Started

The Creation and Promotion packages run $1,000 each because you might want to focus on just one at a time. Bundle everything together, however, and you pay just $1,800 — a 10% savings for a comprehensive solution. Make a single payment, or spread payments out over several months.

First request your free, one-hour consultation. Then we’ll go from there.