A picture is worth of a thousand of them, but the most useful pictures are often infographics loaded with — words.

Whatever format your content may take — infographic, blog, webinar, newsletter, live stream — the core of quality content on your website is still words.

Words are what people find useful, what Google ranks on. For all the changes in Google's ranking algorithm, one of the few things it consistently prizes is “long form content” — long blog posts.

No matter how you cut it — whether your thing is blogging or Facebook Live or anything in between — you’re always going to be creating and distributing words.

Blogging is only partly writing, which is only partly words

Apps and technology will not make you a better writer. However, you’re going to need them to become a productive blogger and social media creator.

You can be a writer with chalk and a sidewalk. But to be a blogger, you need systems for getting both words and images off the sidewalk and out in the street.

That’s why this category will cover both sides of creating content: the words and the apps.

Fortunately, if you choose the right systems, you can make it easy — and most important for your business, sustainable along with everything else you have to do.

So that’s what I’ll be writing about here: how to grow and sustain your creative output.

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