Who I Am — and Why

If you want to attract visitors, ask your local tourism bureau.

If you want to engage them, ask me.

Randy Lyman is The Tech Uncle

As a content coach, I help you with more than just blogging and social media, because what you write and where you publish it are two sides of the same coin.

In other words, I can help you with two of the biggest challenges that new and small businesses face: making your content and technology work together.

I’m especially interested in working with healers, coaches, and other holistic practitioners because I’ve benefitted so much from them in my own life. But I like to work with anyone who wants to make the world a better place, to heal it in their own way.

What I Can Do for You

I offer a unique, personalized blend of content marketing and tech support so you can focus on what you really want to do — build your practice or business, and share your wisdom.

You may not have the time, knowledge, desire, or ability to write blog posts, maintain your website, schedule your social media, and everything else it takes to run a successful content marketing strategy that will bring you more customers and sales. Still, it all needs to be done.

I work with you to make your content and systems work together in a way that works for you. I write, edit, assemble, and help you develop integrated workflows and strategies that can save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and countless headaches. So you can spend your computer time building your business instead of struggling with software or wondering what to write.

Read a full description of my Digital Productivity, Content Marketing, and Webinar/Course Production services.

My Purpose

I’ve been writing, editing, publishing, making videos, managing networks, and training users for 33 years. But you know the one thing I never, ever forget?

What it’s like to be a beginner.

The feelings of anxiety and like you have no idea what you’re doing and you’ll never make it.

But also great determination, and the belief that one’s own path is the right one, no matter what happens.

No matter where you are in life or business, a “beginner’s mind” may be the most important thing to keep as you grow, period. It keeps your perspective fresh, always receptive, always eager.

I want to work with people like me: purpose-driven, people-minded entrepreneurs who may have given up a stable and probably lucrative job to follow your heart, to pursue your own business and passions. To help people and improve the world we live in; to do well by doing good. Like I said, I have a real soft spot for healers.

So let’s begin.

My Beginnings: A Geeky Kid

Being a content coach is not a career change, but a natural evolution and consolidation of what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. When you work with me, you get the benefit of a lifetime of skill and experience.


Linear-tracking turntable (circa 1975)

That is, I’ve been a writer and gearhead as long as I can remember, since childhood.

In 7th grade I learned to type on a manual typewriter and immediately started writing a novel. Before I knew (or cared) about girls, I spent nights poring over the pages of the Edmunds Scientific Catalog, lusting after lens kits, chemistry sets, cool gadgets I had no real use for, and especially telescopes. Telescopes are awesome.

In high school, with money from fast food jobs, I bought myself two of the hottest home entertainment technologies of the day: a portable cassette tape recorder and a linear tracking turntable. I documented America’s space program by putting the tape recorder in front of the TV during news coverage of all the late Apollo and Skylab missions.

Going Pro

I got my first professional writing job a year or so after college, writing press releases, ad copy, and radio PSAs for avant garde performance artists in San Francisco’s loft-laden South of Market district.

A Mac Plus (ca. 1986) with external floppy drive and 3.5-inch disks.

Mac Plus (circa 1985) with Apple external floppy drive and 3.5-inch disks. (source: Wikimedia Commons)

That was 1985, the year after the Apple Macintosh computer made its debut. I got one as soon as I could, a Mac Plus with 1 Mb of RAM. (It’s hard to imagine now, but that was a staggering amount of RAM in 1986. No one knew how to even use that much.) Among the leading apps of the day were Microsoft Word 1.0, Aldus Pagemaker (which became Adobe InDesign), and SuperPaint, the first app that, wow, could draw both bit-mapped and vector graphics in the same image.

I was among a small number of people who could actually use all of these things, which made me a “desktop publisher.” In my late 20s I got a lot of temp jobs and freelance work designing reports, flyers, event programs, and more for financial district companies and performing arts organizations in San Francisco. For a time I wrote theater reviews for a local newspaper — one of the most fun gigs I’ve ever had.

From Past to Present to Future

For the next 30 years I broadened my skills and experience through a range of content- and technology-related jobs, both employed and freelance. Along the way, I wrote and self-published a book, and won numerous awards from juries of my professional peers.

As a journalist in the ’90s, I wrote about politics, travel, and the arts for an English-language newspaper in Prague (Prognosis — a pun that only works with an American accent), and then for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, where I also launched, edited, and oversaw production of that paper’s travel, visitor, and entertainment guide.

After some freelance years I spent the next 13 as the new media coordinator for a major California labor union, where I launched and managed the website, social media, and weekly e-newsletter, and created voter guides and countless other publications. I wrote our social media policies and best-practices, launched our video and text alert programs, and trained scores of people to use our website and email platform.

In 2016 I put all this experience together to start my own business. I look forward to helping you start — or kickstart — yours.