Randy Lyman - The Tech UncleI didn’t quit the stifling, soulless corporate world to start my own business. Sorry.

I did some time there but followed a very different path.

On the contrary, my range of experience is what inspires me as a communications coach today.

My path has been to make a difference through words as well as deeds.

I’ve done communications work in the arts, journalism, activism, and now entrepreneurship. Made the rounds in the world outside of business, a world of causes and creativity, of bringing value and change into people’s lives and communities.

Eventually I came to look at my life and career as a narrative arc — artist, publicist, journalist, activist — that brings me to entrepreneur, where I am today, putting it all together.

Story of my life

That narrative explains why I’m committed to supporting social entrepreneurs, the kind of people Ryan Eliason calls “changemakers” — holistic healers, life coaches, movement builders, and other socially aware and heart-based practitioners. People who want to “do well by doing good.”

One way or another, I’ve always had the honor of finding myself working with and for people who were trying to make the world a better, more just, more healthy place. That’s still what I want.

A Mac Plus (ca. 1986) with external floppy drive and 3.5-inch disks.

My first computer was just like this: a Mac 512 with half a megabyte of RAM and a 3.5” disk drive. In 1986 I paid $600 for it. How long ago that seems, although it really wasn’t. (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Some things never change

But through all of it and even before, two things have remained constant: I’m a writer, and I’m a tech geek.

I learned to type in the 7th grade and began writing a novel. My parents bought me my first electric typewriter.

Since then I’ve made a career in writing and publishing: websites, e-newsletters, print newsletters, video, social media, and more.

What I can do for you now

You may not have the time, knowledge, desire, or ability to write blog posts, maintain your website, schedule your social media, and everything else it takes to run a successful online marketing strategy. Still, it all needs to be done.

I can help you figure it out. I bring a world of experience together to provide you a unique, personalized blend of creative coaching and tech support so you can focus on your core mission, your reason for being in business.

The Tech Uncle - Warrior 3My mission is to support and empower people whose business is making the world a healthier place to live — and who want to achieve that through words as well as deeds.

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