I'm a Communications Coach for Changemakers.

I empower socially aware business owners — healers, coaches, activists, social entrepreneurs like myself — who want to make a positive difference through words as well as deeds.

Here's what we do:

Digital Productivity

Our starting point. We figure out what you really need and get it all working together so you can blog effectively.

Content Marketing

Our next step together. We develop a blogging and social media strategy you can manage — and maintain.

World of Words

We take your game to the next level with webinars, ebooks, online courses, live streaming, autoresponders, and more.

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"Randy is a superb communicator, brilliantly proficient in new media platforms, editing, writing and teaching. Take the skills of an investigative journalist and marry them with creative, intuitive new media talents, plus patient, passionate advocacy of member participation, and you have Randy."

Stephanie Batey,
Retired Lead Director, SEIU 1021

"Randy took the initiative to develop and implement the local's website and new media strategy. He then took the extra step to instill a 'culture of communications' by designing and implementing a training program that enabled members to create and distribute their own content."

Bradley Cleveland
Planning & Health Policy Consultant

"Randy is extremely creative and forward thinking with excellent writing and visualization skills. His ability to capture a concept, both visually and in writing, significantly improved our newsletter and website. He incorporates an artistry of design in all his work."

Fran Jefferson
Senior Labor Relations Analyst, Alameda Health System